1. About

Solute GmbH is the parent company of one of Germany‘s most successful price comparison websites Billiger.de, which means “cheaper” in the German language. We are located in the city of Karlsruhe, also known as Germany’s southern Silicon Valley. For the last 10 years we have continued to be a successful German ecommerce company with over 220 employees. We have a strong market standing, as we have over 22,000 online retailers in the Solute Ad Network. We had launched our international operations several weeks ago, and since then we have been able to rapidly acquire a European audience of over 10 million unique consumers.

2. A step ahead of the competition

To succeed as an online retailer you need to go beyond the ability to accommodate the needs of consumers, by providing superior service and website features. Due to the rate in which the industry develops, you need to be one step ahead of the competition. This depends much upon your capacity to take advantage of new internet technologies.
Here are some of the major issues we have identified as a leading German ecommerce company:
  • Cart abandonment
  • Acquiring quality traffic
  • Loyal customer retention
  • Undercutting of competition
  • Maintaining product & brand exposure

3. Path to solution

Every internet company has to find solutions which allow them to be more independent from the big world players. We are seeking international business partners to share in our success.
What we‘re offering:
  • Assistance in the acquisition of quality consumer traffic.
  • Strong focus on driving consumer sales and generating new customers.
  • Building product and brand awareness.
  • Optimising online retailer content to meet the consumer led expectations within the industry.
  • Allowing consumers to make informed purchase decisions by promoting price transparency across all our shopping channels.
Online retailers using our technology expect to receive higher conversion rates and bigger basket values. Since our humble beginning in 2004 we have operated in Germany, one of the most competitive ecommerce markets in the world.

4. Greener pastures

Germany is a wealthy nation, it is also one of the hardest markets to penetrate. According to a study performed by statista.com in 2013, an online retailer can expect a variation of results when first entering the ecommerce market in Germany. Results can further vary depending on the source of traffic and the merchant product category. This is why we formed the Solute Ad Network. To enable online retailers to cut through the noise and work with only the best performing channels.
The market expectations show us:
  • German ecommerce: Conversion rate of 0.5% to 3.5%
  • Solute Ad Network ecommerce: Conversion rate of 2.9% to 5.82%

5. Where we stand

We have developed industry leading technologies which allow our online retailers to identify new market opportunities from within our network of shopping channels. When ecommerce businesses collaborate together it makes it easier for everyone to profit. The Solute Ad Network enables the markets to be more accessible and helps online retailers identify key revenue generating traffic sources. Unlike some of our competitors within the ecommerce industry we are striving for new heights to adapt, diversify and invest in the growth of our shopping channels.

6. Placement

The Solute Ad Network is made up of websites and technology which have partnered with Solute in order to monetize their content. We are offering placement on multiple premium channels in the following methods:
  • Direct linking product ads
  • Price comparison
  • Display advertising
  • Integration into shopping technology

7. Captivate your consumer audience

We’re providing many unique business opportunities for online retailers looking to gain exposure in the regions of North America, South America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Our newest channel is a shopping technology which provides consumer traffic direct from the front page of a search engine, and the websites of your competitors.
  • Displays product information relevant to the content the consumer is browsing in real time. Producing a call to action when the technology identifies a match to a product offer from within the Solute Ad Network database.
  • Links directly to your online stores’ product page, where the offer is available for the consumer to purchase upon arrival.
  • When the consumer is using a search engine such as Google, Bing or Yahoo, the technology will intelligently display product offers. This is in the form of a call to action and the content is based on the product keywords entered into the search bar.

8. How to get started!

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Contact a member of our team for further information or to assist you in joining the Solute Ad Network today.

9. Contact Us

Solute GmbH
Zeppelinstrasse 15
D-76185 Karlsruhe

Creed Van Ryt
cvr@solute.de | Office +49 721 86956444
About Creed:
Creed has 3 years’ experience in the price comparison industry working for the UK market. Creed originally comes from Australia where he worked until 2011 as a hotel manager in the outback town of Mount Isa, Queensland.

10. Partner testimony

The Solute Ad Network is comprised of many technology partners. Avira is an example of one of these successful partnerships. Avira is a German multinational antivirus software company that provides IT-security for computers, smartphones, servers and networks. Here is what they have to say about us…
“Avira’s business is built upon solid partnerships. That is why we have chosen to partner with solute in order to receive millions of online retailer’s product data from across the globe. The Solute Ad Network powers Avira’s state of the art technology, insuring high quality content for our customers who browse and shop online with confidence.”
- Thorsten Bruchhäuser | EVP Sales and Business Development at Avira GmbH

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